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We are one of the few SCUBAPRO platinum dealers in the United States

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Extreme Sports is a Scubapro Platinum Dealer. Scubapro has created some of the finest SCUBA equipment on the market for over 50 years. To become a Platinum Dealer, Scubapro requires the highest standards compared to any other SCUBA equipment manufacturer. Their dealers must go through extensive technical training to work on their gear, service it, and even sell it. When a full set of gear is purchased, customers are eligible for Scubapro’s PARTS-FOR-LIFE program. Customers must service their gear once every two years to stay in the program. Scubapro holds some of the most respected records within the industry.

what gear do you need?

Whether if you are just needing a snorkel set for a small trip, or you are ready to finally purchase your first set of Scubapro dive gear, allow our professionals to help you find what you are looking for. We offer complete packages at discounted rates, or items individually.

not a diver yet? get certified now!

Most dive shops pressure you into purchasing your own gear BEFORE you start your classes. We understand that diving isn’t for everybody and we want our students to experience the sport before spending hard earned money. We also allow you to try on different types of gear before you make your purchase because we recognize that every student is different. 


we have pieced together the BEST combos on Scubapro'S line-up of gear
$ 3,364 / msrp

Ultimate diver package

– Hydros BCD w/ Air 2

– MK25/S60Ti Regulator

– G2 Wireless Air Integrated LED Computer

– Extreme Sports Mesh Bag

$ 2,194 / msrp

die hard diver package

– Seahawk 2, Bella, or Glide BCD w/ Air 2

– MK21/S560 Regulator

– Aladin H Air-Integrated Computer

– Extreme Sports Mesh Bag


$ 1,638 / msrp

recreational diver package

– Level BCD w/ Air 2

– MK11/C370 Regulator

– Aladin Sport Computer w/ Compass

– Extreme Sports Mesh Bag    


$ 1,453 / msrp

open water diver package

– Litehawk BCD w/ Air 2

– MK2/R195 Regulator

– Aladin One Computer

– Extreme Sports Mesh Bag


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