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Hello Tuesday, also known as Monday the Tuesday after Memorial Day. I hope you survived the weekend and the grind that is now the workweek. Just keep telling yourself, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,” like the little engine that could. Luckily it is just a 4 day work week. We’ll just secretly believe this is Monday so I’m not late on posting my “Get the Look” post, okay? Please don’t tell anyone that it is Tuesday. Up today on the “Get the Look” feature, Deb Weston.

So you want to dive like Deb Weston. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s how to get her look!

  • She was the first person in our shop to get the new Hydros BC with Air 2. She kept her pouches white.
  • She dives with the MK25/S600 regulator set up. What makes hers unique is it is the 50th Anniversary Edition featuring gold coloring.
  • She uses the Galileo Sol dive computer. This dive computer is 9 years old and has over 1,100 dives on it. That shows the rug-ability and durability of this dive computer.
  • She uses Black Twin Jet Fins.
  • She uses a Solara Mask, black with a black skirt. This is a very versatile fitting mask.
  • Now depending on water temperature, Deb either uses a 3mm or a 5mm SCUBAPRO Definition Wet Suit
  • She has 2 sets of dive boots, the heavy-duty short 3mm dive boot, and the heavy-duty tall 6.5mm dive boot. Again, it depends on water temperature as to which she dives.
  • Finally, if she’s not using the Hydros BC bag to keep her gear together, she uses the SCUBAPRO Mesh bag.
  • And last but certainly not least, she dives with the new Sealife DC 2000 camera with Sea Dragon Strobe. That may or may not be her favorite part of her scuba diving get up… you be the judge!

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