Get the Look – Grady Weston

You’ve been waiting almost all year for it… Come on, it’s the end of October. There are only 2 months left… don’t tell me you haven’t been “waiting almost all year for it.” What, you ask? Well obviously, it’s the last Monday of the month which means… Grady’s Gear.

Yes, that’s right, you too can dive like Grady Weston and here’s how you get his look….

Get the Look – Grady Weston

BC – X-TEK BC with Stainless steel backplate and form harness.

Regulator – MK25 A700 regulator in black with miflex hoses.

Mask – Frameless mask that may be worn right ways or wrongs up… you never can tell.

Dive Computer – G2 and a Galileo Sol

Wet Suit – 1.5 Mil Pyroflex, Definition 3Mil

Dry Suit – Evertec Dry Suit

Black Dive Socks

Wet Suit Boots – Heavy Duty 6.5 Mil Tall Boots and Heavy Duty 3Mil Short Boots

Dry Suit Boots – Rock Boots

Fins – SeaWing Nova Gorilla in Hi-vis Orange.

Additional stuff

Nova 720 Light

And the Chiefs “fire extinguisher” Pony Bottle. 19 cubic foot that was specially painted Chiefs colors for his 60th Birthday.

So, with all that said… Go Chiefs

Scuba the Extreme Sports Scuba shop Elf is watching the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Denver Broncos football game

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