Get the Look – Mark Willoughby

So, who is still running on the tryptophan-induced coma? Who knows what a tryptophan-induced coma is? Well, tryptophan is what you get when you eat turkey and supposedly it is associated with sleepiness. Since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, that means that if you ate turkey you had tryptophan. Okay, I believe the word you might have been looking for is…. anyway…

Here we are, the last Monday of the month. Holy cow! But you remember what the Last Monday of the month equals, right? If you guessed a Get the Look post, you would be correct. If you didn’t guess that, then you didn’t read the title… just saying. This month we’ll learn how Mark Willoughby dives. Without further ado, I give you Mark. I should also joke that when I was getting his list of dive gear, he told me to read Grady’s stuff to him since they dive similar gear.

Get the Look – Mark Willoughby

Mark Diving in Cozumel

BC – X-TEK BC with Stainless steel backplate and form harness.

Regulator – MK25 A700 regulator in black with miflex hoses.

Mask – Frameless mask that may be worn right ways or wrongs up… you never can tell.

Dive Computer – Galileo Luna and a Mantis M2 (which could be bought for the right price, the M2 that is… hint hint.)

Wet Suit – 1.5 Mil Pyroflex, 3/2 Everflex, 5/4 Everflex

Dry Suit – Evertec LT Dry Suit

Dive Flag dive socks

Wet Suit Boots – Heavy Duty 6.5 Mil Tall Boots and Heavy Duty 3Mil Short Boots

Dry Suit Boots – Rock Boots

Fins – Black Twin Jets with spring strap and a pair of Camo Jet Fins. Contemplating the SeaWing Nova Army OD Green soon to be released.

Additional stuff

Nova 700 Light

19 cubic foot Pony Bottle.

SCUBAPRO Rashguard shorts

Mesh ‘n Roll Gear Bag

SCUBAPRO Caravan Bag

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