Get the Look – Scott Dawson

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve. Yes, that means we’re 3 days away from Christmas. I swear that’s a scary thought. Hopefully, you have all your Christmas shopping done and if not, make sure you check out this post for your one-stop shop for our featured SCUBA products. This year we tried to help take the guesswork out of dive gear. The thing is, if you still have questions, by all means, come see us! We can help clear things up.

I went to a talk with a Chef in Chicago one time. He said that he changes the menu in his restaurant every 6 weeks. When the new menu is up, the food is cooked and the staff is required to taste it. His thought was that way if someone comes in and says I’m torn between this and that or what’s the best thing on the menu, the staff can give their two cents.

That was kind of our process thought behind the Get the Look posts. We sell SCUBAPRO items and we dive with SCUBAPRO items. We try new things and we have what works for us. Our staff tries to be knowledgeable in our gear and why we choose our gear. Now, I am guilty of joking from time to time and saying that I have a piece of gear because that’s what my husband gave me. Really, Grady added my snarky comment into one of his classes once… the question is why are you taking this class and I blurted out because Mark told me I was going to. Grady wrote that in the curriculum.

In all seriousness though, we dive the gear we sell. Case in point… for our December Get the Look feature, we decided to feature our SCUBAPRO Rep, Mr. Scott Dawson. Here is where I tell you that Scott lives in the Pacific Northwest so the weather/water conditions are different than what we have here in the four-state area, but we wanted to show that he too, dives in what he sells.

Get the Look – Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson

For diving in the Pacific Northwest (cold salt water, 45-55 degrees F) I prefer the following:

  • Mask = Frameless
  • Snorkel = Apnea in my pocket (maybe)
  • Exposure protection = EverTech Drysuit comes with hood, Climasphere undergarment, Easy Don Dry Gloves, thick wool socks
  • Reg = Mk25T EVO / S620 X-Ti
  • Computer = G2
  • BC = X-TEK with Pure Harness, 40lb Donut Wing, and Stainless Steel Backplate
  • Fins = Jet with spring heels straps
  • Light = Nova 2100
  • Knife = Mako Titanium

So there you have it… One year of Get the Look features. As you can tell, we all dive with different combinations of gear and we have our likes and dislikes, so talk to us. Our goal is to hook you up with what suits your needs, best. If you missed a feature, here are links (click on the name of diver you’d like to see).

Dan La Due, Chuck Beaver, Drake Weston, Jared Weston, Deb Weston, Tori Willoughby, Nicole Willoughby, Rachele Lord, Doug Lord, Grady Weston, Mark Willoughby, and Scott Dawson.

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