Get the Look – Dan La Due

Let’s play a game called, Have you Met, Dan? Oh… you have? That’s right, we interviewed him back in January 2014. So let’s play a new game… Who wore it better? Oh… so we just have 1 diver for comparison… Diver Dan. Third time’s a charm… Let’s play Get the Look. How do you play that? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Basically for the next 11 months plus this post, I’m going to introduce you to the look of 12 divers here at the shop. The new question might be, why did we choose Dan first? Well, he drew the “short straw” because his birthday was in January. At this point, I want to point out that Drake’s birthday is also in January, but Dan’s came first so Drake got off the hook… for now.

Basically, we decided to show you that while we’re doing these product reviews, our divers actually use these products. So grab your drink of choice and get Dan La Due‘s Look. I’m going to sit back and let him describe what he dives with.

I dive scuba pro from head to toe
Up top, for colder dives, I use their hooded vest. With the new side panels, fit and comfort are great.
My Black Twin Jet fins with springs are what powers my shark chasing skills. Sharks are still faster than me no matter what.
My dive computer is the Galileo Sol, a great computer with an awesome digital compass. The compass makes me look good when I take students out across the cove and end up where I planned.
I dive with the X-Tek BC with integrated weights and Air2 alternate inflators. Good feeling and comfortable BC.
I use the A700/mk25 combo for my regulator. I have the black chrome MK25 and the Black A700 with a carbon fiber faceplate. You ask why?  Because I like the look and its Carbon fiber….cool.
Now, who wants to dive a cold water February dive?

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