Guilt Trip Part 2 – Cozumel Mexico – June 23-30, 2015

Yesterday we had Part 1 of the Guilt Trip, Today comes Part 2… that means underwater pictures, group pictures, and ALL the juicy details . Thanks to the help of Tiffany Hayworth, Deb Weston, & Shaye Weston, I am now able to bring you all the juicy details!

First we’ll start with pictures because, why not!

The Westons – Drake, Deb, Shaye, Grady

Mike Goldsworthy, Brian Head, Levi Henry, Drake Weston, Grady Weston, Glenn Crosswhite, Cam Parrish, Dan Hayworth, Chris Parrish

Jan Goldsworthy, Ronnie Crosswhite, Anissa Parrish, Tiffany Hayworth, Shaye Weston, Jennifer Crosswhite, Deb Weston

Chris Parrish

Drake Weston

Chris Parrish

Drake Weston

Grady Weston & Jennifer Crosswhite

Dan Hayworth

Tiffany Hayworth – Call me maybe? So good story I have on Miss Tiffany… if you have an iPhone… she just might FaceTime you while she’s sitting on the beach . Thanks Tiffany, I felt loved!!!

The Parrish family – Cam, Chris, & Anissa

Grady Weston

And now, the dirt on the Guilt Trip. ha!

Chris Parrish got “attacked” by a shark. Chris speared a lionfish and held it up not knowing that a nurse shark was there. The nurse shark came around and grabbed the fish right out of his hand and ate it. There is video of this… we just don’t have it. But here is a picture of how close that shark came to Chris’s hand for reference.

Anissa, Cam, Shaye and Tiffany were called family. And from that day on Anissa & Tiffany were called mom 1 (Anissa) & mom 2 (Tiffany).

They were told no more guacamole so they went to the store and Chris bought avocados and brought back to the restaurant and asked them to make guacamole.

Anissa’s luggage was lost for a day; she went a day without it. Once she got it, they found Chris has left a weight in the trim pouch. They laughed because they figured that was why it was held up, the x-ray probably went nuts.

Drake lost his wallet.

When the Weston’s arrived at the airport and handed over their passports, the lady looks through the passports and was looking all over the place. She finally said I’m looking for the “little” boy. Turns out the little boy was 6’3” size 15 shoe Drake.

The taxi cab driver recognized Deb.

Tiffany never thought she’d pay $10 for bug spray. The mosquitoes were horrible.

They learned that not all dive groups are as courteous as our dive group.

Our group learned that we are the fastest group loading into a boat and leaving the dock. We had it down to 4 minutes.

Tiffany learned that moray eels are not in attack mode when opening and closing their mouths. That is how they breathe.

There was an entertaining Macaw bird. If you clapped, it danced.

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