Hello from Cozumel

Hello from beautiful Cozumel.  We’re sitting in the lobby of Hotel Cozumel.  We hear a rumor that you may have ice back home.  Don’t worry we have ice here too, in our drinks.

Our trip started with a 5 am flight out of Tulsa. After arriving in Cozumel, and getting through the airport and immigration, we took a short bus ride to the hotel.  We checked in, grabbed a bite of lunch, and then headed to the swim beach to do our checkout dive and maybe another dive or two.  Then back to the room to unpack, clean up, and off to dinner.  After a wonderful and exhausting day, it was time to head off to the room to get some much need sleep.

Up early the next morning for a 6:30 am breakfast, then to meet the dive boat at the dock at 7:45 to get loaded and off before 8:00 to Cozumel’s world-famous dive sites. 

The Diving

This trip we had two dive boats, the Manatee and the Nuria. Grady and Dan were the leaders of the Manatee, with the divemasters Mario and Juan, whom we’ve been diving with for over a decade.  They headed off to Columbia Shallows, Palancar Gardens, La Francesa, Yucab, Santa Rosa Shallows, and Chankanaab.  They spotted over 6 of the Splendid Toadfish, several turtles, plus all of the normal tropical reef fish.

Deb and Doug were the leaders on the Nuria, with the divemasters Jorge and Jamie.  They went to Santa Rosa Shallows, La Francesa, Palancar Horseshoe, Palancar Gardens, & Palancar Bricks.  Where we spotted over a dozen eagle rays, lots of turtles, a few sharks, and even a few morays.  This boat had all the photographers so you can expect lots of pictures to be posted soon.

There have been a few issues on the trip. Grady falling asleep at the lunch table and spilling his coffee on Deb’s foot, was probably the worst.  He spilled almost a half a cup of coffee!

If you came on this trip with us, you did miss out on the ice and cold back home.

Cozumel Rocks!

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