HUD Dive Computer Review

There is a new dive computer that SCUBAPRO has released, it is called The HUD (Heads Up Display). This is a Hands-Free computer that mounts on your mask. It works like the G2 computer by SCUBAPRO that was released a couple of years ago. The HUD mounts to your mask just above your right eye.

Our last trip to Cozumel in July 2019, I had the opportunity to try the new HUD dive computer. I had it installed on a SCUBAPRO Solara Mask. Before ever trying this, I was very skeptical.

  • Would I be able to see it?
  • Would it bother me on the dive? It is constantly in view after all.

Would I be able to see it?

If you have been into the shop, you probably have a good idea on my vision. If not, I’ll tell you… I can see distance fine; I wear reading glasses for up close. Let me tell you, I could see it perfectly.

Would it bother me on the dive being in constant view?

I didn’t notice the HUD after the first few minutes of the dive. The thing with having it right above your eye is the convenience of watching the computer. You could quickly lookup, grab your information, and get back to diving.

I used the HUD on my last dive of the trip. I found it especially convenient because I was responsible for the dive sausage on that dive. As you know, I was carrying a camera too. All I had to do was up slightly up with my right eye and there was all the information I needed for the safety stop.

This is a great dive computer for avid photographers, instructors, or anyone that wants the convenience of just looking at the top of your mask. It easily displays the air left, your depth, and no-decompression information.

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