Hydros Pro Review

Hydros Review

At the November 2015 DEMA show, I saw my first Hydros BCD prototype. I thought that it looked really good and that it should make a great BCD. I didn’t need a new BC at the time, as I had an X-TEK BC that I was perfectly happy with. Two years later I started thinking that I need a new BC for travel and warm water. I signed up for a two-week dive vacation in Cozumel and I really needed to reduce the weight of my luggage. I decided to go ahead and purchase the Hydros.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m sitting in the lobby of Hotel Cozumel & Resort. More than 40 dives later and I’m getting ready to return home. I think that I gave the Hydros Pro BC a good work out. Overall I’m very happy with the BC.  The fit of the BC is superb, thanks to the way the BC conforms to your body. Even with my 19cf pony tank attached to the tank strap, the BC did not roll around. The BC I purchased was a large and it was more than big enough for my frame.


One of the features of the Hydros BC is that is customizable. You can adjust it to custom fit you.

  • add pockets
  • attachment points
  • change color schemes

I set my Hydros up with a pocket, 2 attachment points, and the orange color schemes. As with many things set up without testing and trialing, I wasn’t happy with my original set up, but the accessories were easy to move and adjust to get them to where I wanted them. I’ll probably continue to adjust and tinker with my setup for the rest of the dive season.

Another feature of the Hydros BC is that is instantly dry. I found this to be true and a very nice feature to have, as I did not have to dry my BC out every day after diving. I could just put it in my gear locker at the end of the day and not worry about it. A bonus of this feature is no SCUBA funk smell to the BCD!

My first dive with the Hydros was my checkout and weight check dive in the ocean at Hotel Cozumel & Resort. I started with a bit too much weight, with 14lbs, but the Hydros BC easily had enough lift to compensate for the extra weight and still allowed me to achieve neutral buoyancy and float me comfortably on the surface.

Overall I found the Hydros BCD to be very comfortable. I’d say that it is the most comfortable standard BCD I have had or have tried. I’ve owned 5 BCDs since I’ve been certified diver. Now let me clarify by what I mean by standard BCD, the X-TEK BCD is not a standard BCD. I would highly recommend the Hydros BCD to anyone that is looking to purchase a BCD. If you want to try one in the pool or at the lake, check with Deb as we have a couple in the shop for rental and for students.

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