I Can’t Dive Because…

My dad used to always tell me “Can’t Died in the Corn Patch” when I used to say “I can’t do _____________”. And while I”m not 100% sure I know what he meant by that, I did learn there were a lot of things that I could do. Here at Extreme Sports Scuba We hear this all the time about trying out Scuba Diving… I can’t. Here are some of the main reasons we hear why people “can’t” try scuba diving and the answers to break those myths.

I Can’t Dive Because…

I can’t swim – There is a swim test but it is not timed nor is there one specific way that you have to swim. If one can doggy paddle, great. If you can swim underwater, super. All you just need to be able to swim 200 yards and float or tread water for 10 minutes. This proves you are comfortable in the water since that is where Scuba Diving takes place.

I‘m Claustrophobic – One way to look at this issue is the water is wide open, there is nothing that is close to you, except your mask which allows you to see very well underwater and your dive buddy. If you can swim underwater in a swimming pool with a pair of goggles, then you should definitely give Scuba diving a try.

I don’t have family or friends to dive with – This is a great opportunity to meet new friends that will become a second family. The great thing is you rely on your dive buddy the same way they rely on you so you have each other’s back. And there is always someone willing to go diving, all you have to do is say where and when. If there’s already a group of 2 going, join them. (And if not, Call Dan La Due, he’ll go!)

I’m Afraid of the underwater – We are afraid of that which we can’t see or hear but we overcome those fears by expert training and education.

The Lakes around here are man-made; what you see above the water is pretty much what you’ll see below the water – False. I have yet to see fish walk on land. Plus at Beaver Lake there may or may not be sunken items for your viewing pleasure in multiple places.

Fear of different marine species – They’re more afraid of you than you are of them. We are noisy divers and they hear you coming.

Cost of certification – Yes, there is an initial cost with becoming scuba certified; however once you are certified, you are certified for life.

Cost of gear – Again, there is an initial upfront cost to purchase your gear, however there are different ways to go about purchasing gear. Some people just rent their gear so you don’t have to do the maintenance and upkeep, you just rent and return. Then you can purchase piece by piece and rent what you don’t have. The third option is to purchase your gear all at once; with proper care and maintenance the gear will last for a good, long while.

Think it is too technical – Don’t let the equipment scare you. The mask is nothing more than a pair of goggles. The breathing piece supplies your air attached to a tank on your back. The vest holds the tank and helps strap it to your back.

Fear of classroom coursework – Our instructors will spend as much time as necessary to help you with the classroom portion of the certification so that you feel as comfortable as possible because our ultimate goal is to create safe and responsible divers.

Think that they need to live near the tropics, ocean, or some other famous dive location, in order to use the certification – False. Come with us on one of our many exciting adventures right here in the Ozarks or join a trip that does take you to far off places not limited to but including Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, Stockton Lake, Mermet Springs, or get that stamp in your passport and join us in Cozumel and Honduras.

The next time you have a free minute come in and talk to us, we don’t bite . Or better yet, come to a try it Tuesday and try scuba diving for yourself in a nice heated, indoor, 5-foot deep pool. We usually have a Try it Tuesday the second Tuesday of every month.

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