July Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2015

If you were unable to attend the Extreme Dive Club Meeting last night you missed some good conversation, some great food and an awesome display of fireworks to end the night and celebrate our nations freedom.  I can’t help you with how the food tasted, if you weren’t there you’ll just have to dream, but I can show you pictures of the delicious spread. The conversation, well, if you weren’t there you’ll never know what was said, because what happens at Dive club meeting stays at dive club meeting… sort of… and the fireworks, well I snapped a few pictures for you but otherwise, sorry about your luck there too.

Some dates that you’ll want to make sure are on your calendar though:

July 7, 9, 14, & 16 – Open Water Scuba Class Tues & Thurs 6:30-9pm

July 10 & 17 – Open Water Scuba Class (Classroom and Pool) 9am-4pm

July 11 & 12 –  Open Water Check-out dives – Beaver Lake

July 18-25 – Group trip to Honduras – SOLD OUT!

August 1 & 2 – Open Water Check-out dives – Beaver Lake

August 6 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting TBA

August 8 – Water Festival, Wildcat Park, come and have a great time on that Saturday.

September 3 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting TBA

September 12 & 13 – Mermet Springs Weekend Trip

October 1 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

October 18 – Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving

November 5 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

December 3 – Extreme Dive Club Christmas Party

Have a friend or family member wanting to Try Scuba, they can come on any night we have pool sessions.

Will start working on our next Feb/Mar Cozumel Trip Soon.

Watch for upcoming classes and events on Facebook.

And now, time for pictures!!!

If you miss one of our monthly meetings, be sure to check out the blog for meetings on our website. Also, if you are on Facebook be sure to like us. We have all the events posted on Facebook.

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