Junior Diver Interviews – Cam Parrish

When it comes to the junior divers, I have been trying to post their interviews on their birthday. Sadly that didn’t work out with Cam Parrish. At the January Try it Tuesday I saw him and asked when his birthday was… I wasn’t prepared to interview him for his birthday post. So when I saw him at the February Try it Tuesday, I knew I had to catch him and get him interviewed! It worked out pretty well too because we didn’t have any February Junior Diver Interviews so he gets the spotlight this month! For those that don’t know, Cam is the son of Chris and Anissa Parrish.

When/how long have you been certified?

Since 2012

What generation of diver are you?

Second generation

Where is your favorite place to dive?

Mermet Springs

What is your favorite thing about diving?

The view. Finding all the objects under the water.

What’s your favorite pre-dive meal?  (btw I love this question and the next because it gets funny looks from the junior divers)

I guess Donuts. {Chris looks at him…} What? We usually dive in the morning and we eat donuts before we dive. I like donuts.

What’s your favorite post-dive meal?

Fajitas or well Mexican.

Who is your favorite dive partner?

{after a moment’s hesitation} That would probably be Dan La Due.

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Football, RC Racing, Napping, oh there’s another one what is it? Oh, Target Shooting.

And one last question, Any funny diving stories?

Well since you already blogged about the one I would use… um. I guess last year when Dan was diving with me for a science experiment I was doing. I dropped the clip off my BC so Dan said to stay put and he dove straight down and right back up and handed the clip to me.

Also anytime I go somewhere where they ask if I have a student ID I usually pull out my C Card which makes them question what it is so I get to tell them what it is for.


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