KC Chiefs – Extreme Sports Scuba style obviously!

Now I know that not all Extreme Sports Scuba Divers are fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, but some of us are, in fact, Dan La Due and Grady Weston are Red Coaters so I think that one Chiefs post a season is okay. Promise I won’t bombard you with Extreme Chiefs Posts… lol. So since Sunday, October 26th’s game was so great, I feel like recapping this particular game.

This was a noon game so we needed to get there early so we could tailgate! That’s very important people!

There hasn’t been a Chiefs game and a Royals game played in October since 1985. It’s pretty awesome, not going to lie!

Our food choice, Breakfast Burritos! Tortillas, Cheese, Eggs, Onions & Green Chilies, Bacon, Sausage, Jalapeños, Black Olives, Salsa, and Blueberry Muffins. The food is very important!

Hi Drake!

Around 11 we went ahead and went into the stadium if nothing else than to watch all the preaction. Right around Noon War Paint went galloping through the stadium and KC Wolf came out on his four-wheeler. The first pass of the game was thrown by a Breast Cancer Survivor. Lots of fun stuff happened like this. All pregame stuff.

Then it was time to set up and get ready for your Kansas City Chiefs to enter.

Carlene La Due, Danielle La Due, Shaye Weston, Deb WestonDrake Weston, Addison Willoughby

While they were setting up for the Chiefs to enter, the Chief’s Cheerleaders entered and were introduced.

Then it was time for the Chiefs to enter the field. And the crowd went wild

Here are our Red Coaters!

Then it was time for the Kick-Off. After the coin toss, the Chiefs kicked the ball to the Rams.

The Rams scored in the first 3 minutes of the game.

At half time the score was 10-7 KC.

This is what happens when Dan La Due and Grady Weston get ahold of your camera. Now you’ve been warned. Oh, Hi Drake, you didn’t avoid this picture.

After Half time though KC came back ready and rearing to go.

The Chiefs made a 99-yard touch down just as the 3rd quarter started.

And the final score, KC-34 StL-7.

It was a GREAT game is all I can say. Oh, and the best part is the Chiefs fans started chanting for the Royals. Tonight is game number 6 of the World Series and they’re back in KC. Go Royals!

P.S. don’t forget that this Saturday, November 1st is the Newton County Christmas for Kids Chili Cook-off!

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