Extreme Product Feature – Loose Fit Rash Guards, Short/Long Sleeve

Let’s talk a minute about Loose Fit Rash guards… both long-sleeved and short. In May, when we were in Cozumel, Grady made a statement that still lingers in my mind… We are barbaric.

Barbaric is an adjective. It means you are savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal or it means you are primitive; unsophisticated.

Now, do you believe this to be true? Think about it… You’re diving, you pee in your wet suit for 2 reasons… 1 you really have to go and 2 for warmth (remember, there are those who pee in their wet suits and those who say they don’t, but they really do). You rinse out your gear, semi dry it out if possible, and the next day you pull it out, smell it and say, does this stink too bad to wear again? I’m sorry, I’m laughing as I type these words because I know how true they are.

I actually refused to put on a rash guard one day in Cozumel because it stunk sooooooooooo bad. I’m still laughing. So, Barbaric. Are we Barbaric? Well I don’t think we’re being savagely cruel or exceedingly brutal unless you count the stench that follows us around, because I even remember telling Mark to get away from me, he stunk. Don’t worry, he told me I didn’t smell much better and really I didn’t.

Or maybe we’re being the primitive side and the unsophisticated side… because we’re walking around in our own stench. Then there’s Kim who brought a small spray bottle of sink the stink and sprayed it on all of her gear every day. I even borrowed it a time or two because the stench was soooooooooo bad.

All of this to say, let’s talk about Loose Fit Rash Guards. How on earth will I ever tie all that in you ask? Sit, wait, read, and find out. I have your back on this one.

Loose Fit Rash Guards

Loose Fit Rash Guards, Black short sleeved and Blue long sleeved

What’s the purpose of having a Rash Guard? Well, a Rash Guard serves many purposes. They are UPF50 which is basically a good form of sunscreen. You can wear them under your wetsuits or even as shirts on a normal day. The best part is, they dry fast!

Dry fast? Of course. It is made of water-repellent, quick-drying fabric so wear it under your wet suit in the morning, be barbaric in the afternoon. Ha! I had to. The fabric is so lightweight it takes up very little room in your baggage so take multiple ones and then you can be clean. It’s just the way it is.

These shirts are offered in 6 unisex sizes in blue and black with either long or short sleeves.

Available Sizes: Unisex: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

On a side note: We did learn that laundry services in Cozumel are extremely (I’m talking extremely) reasonable and quick. So send it down that afternoon, usually have it back that evening AND then you can really smell clean because their clothes always come back smelling GREAT.

Why do we like these rash guards? The comfort level. Plus they aren’t snug. They help a wet suit glide on and off with ease. And finally, they dry fast. And you can wear them as a regular shirt. See… less clothing you have to pack to save more room for souvenirs for the blogger… or something like that.

Come in. Smell them. Taste them. Lick them. Call them George. Or Harry. You can call them whatever you want, but truthfully come check them out because they are great. I own a black one but always steal Mark’s blue one. I kind of like the blue color better than the black color. Now ask me why I don’t own my own blue one? The reason… because I can steal Marks.

Happy Wednesday!

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