Maiden Voyage of the Chiefs Bus

Normally we only have one Kansas City Chiefs post per season, but…. I hope you’ll let this second post slide by because it covers two birds with one stone. One it is the maiden voyage of the Chiefs Bus (which still needs to be addressed) and two the Chiefs are kicking butt!

I still need to do a post on the Chiefs Bus/Extreme Sports Scuba bus, but for now, know that this was the maiden voyage of the Chiefs Bus, Kansas City bound!

Drake Weston, Grady Weston, Jared Weston, Kim Brungard, Mark Willoughby, Carlene La Due,
Nicole Willoughby, Danielle La Due, Megan Shafer

When we got to the stadium, we were told that gates open at 11, but they started allowing vehicles to enter at 10:45 am. We pulled in, quickly got the popup tents set up and the fires on since the high for the day was 37˚F. The low that night was 21˚F (and those are actual recorded temps).

Mark Willoughby, Grady Weston, & Jared Weston

The Chiefs bus holds 15 passengers (including driver). We had every seat full.

Tailgating food consisted of the Gumbo and Taco Soup used on New Year’s Day at Beaver Lake.

Dan notified us earlier in the week that we’d be tailgating with a former Kansas City Wide Receiver/Return Specialist (1967-1969) Noland Smith and his 2 sons Noland Jr. and Kevin.

Kim Brungard

Danielle La Due

Jason La Due & Megan Shafer

Mark & Nicole Willoughby

This was a nail biter of a game! Originally the Oakland game was supposed to be a noon game, but because the way the season went, the game was placed back to a 3pm start time. The Chiefs were on fire and scored immediately in the first quarter. The last few minutes of the game was where the nail biter came in. It very easily could have gone in the favor of Oakland, but the Chiefs kept it together and won the game 23 to 17. Because of this win, Chiefs came back with a 10 straight game win after the first 5 game loss. And as you know, Chiefs are in the Playoffs. This weekend they’ll be in Houston. Go Chiefs!

Megan & Jason

And on the way home we stopped in Harrisonville at the Dairy Queen. I had my first ever Dilly Bar. If you’ve never had one, trust me, totally worth it in the dessert stomach!

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