March 2018 Post Recap

Hoppy Easter! Happy April Fool’s Day! Happy Sunday!

Just quickly checking in to let you know that we are now in a new month if you didn’t realize that. No fooling there. We’re already on the 5th month of the year. Okay, okay, I joke… it’s just the 4th month. Last month we mentioned that we were going to keep tabs on the top 5 blog posts in March as well as the honorable mentions. Honorable mentions aren’t exactly one right after another, instead we’re trying to make sure we mention the 2018 posts. Same way with the year to date posts.

Since it is Easter, we won’t take up much time, but be sure to check out the great posts of March, as well as the top 5 of the month and the year. And Happy Easter from our house to yours!Top Five Blog posts of March:

  1. 2016 – Scubapro Hydros Pro BC Review
  2. 2018 – Shhhhhh It’s a Secret… Part Two
  3. 2017 – Mantis M2 Personal Dive Computer
  4. 2017 – Seawing Nova Fins
  5. 2017 – Aladin H (Matrix) Personal Dive Computer

Honorable Mentions:

Top Five Blog posts Year to Date:

  1. 2016 – Scubapro Hydros Pro BC Review
  2. 2017 – Mantis M2 Personal Dive Computer
  3. 2017 – Seawing Nova Fins
  4. 2015 – Chili Cookoff Official Rules and Silent Auction Items
  5. 2017 – Aladin H (Matrix) Dive Computer

Honorable Mentions:

March 2018

3-4-2018 – February 2018 Post Recap
3-7-2018 – Underwater Statues in Cozumel – Sylvia Earle
3-9-2018 – FB Repost: SCUBA Certifications Part 1
3-12-2018 – Underwater Statues in Cozumel – Ramón Bravo
3-14-2018 – Seawing Nova Fins Review
3-16-2018 – FB Repost: SCUBA Certifiations – Part 2 – Specialty Courses
3-21-2018 – Hydros Pro Review
3-23-2018 – FB Repost: SCUBA Certifications Part 3
3-28-2018 – Shhhhhh It’s a Surprise… Take Two

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