Memorial Day Scuba Diving – Motto

Do you know those Snicker’s commercials that say you’re not yourself when you’re hungry? They then place a different character into the situation than what should be there to help drive home that point that you’re just not yourself.

Saturday of Memorial weekend when I got down to the dive site I jumped out of the truck. Dan La Due asked how his favorite blogger’s morning was and I muttered something like there’s a grumpy person in this truck and it’s not me. Dan asked if he (the grumpy person, not me) needed a hug and I spouted off he sure needs something. That was immediately followed by does he need a snickers. And the motto of the weekend was adopted.

Dan’s wife Carlene was headed to the store that morning so he handed me his phone and told me to text her to buy lots of Snickers.

When Carlene got back from the store she brought them down to the dive site and Deb Weston got the pleasure of passing them out. I was only able to catch her passing them out to Mark Willoughby and Doug Lord so I have no idea who all received a snickers.

I tell you about the Motto for 2 reasons:

  1. So you can see how much fun we have (even in the cold/rainy yuck).
  2. So you aren’t offended if you ever hear someone in our group ask you that. You’ll be in the know.

This is the type of fun we have with each other. Boy, I love this Scuba Diving Family!

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