Memorial Weekend Recap – Happy Birthday to Deb (May 24)

One thing that I have mentioned in many different posts is we know how to eat. At the Extreme Sports Scuba Dive club meeting in April Doug Lord and I got on to the topic of food. Hey, why not talk about food while eating food, right? Somehow we got to talking about Dan La Due’s fried chicken and Doug mentioned that he’d never had Dan’s chicken. So I brought this fact up to Dan. That started it all.

Dan and Mark Willoughby decided that we needed to choose a time and have Dan’s chicken so that Doug could try it. After a little planning, they decided that we’d do Dan’s “famous” chicken during the Memorial Day Dive Saturday evening. At first, Doug said he worked on the weekends but was able to take off the weekend so that he could partake in the diving and of course the food!

Turns out that after we planned the dinner menu for Saturday night of the Memorial Weekend we realized it happened to be Deb’s Birthday. Exciting, we had a great meal planned for her birthday so it was perfect, although I must mention that we verified with her that the menu we planned was okay with her.

The menu consisted of Dan’s chicken, fresh cut Suzy Q’s, Grilled Corn on the Cobb, and a bunch of sides prepared by everyone. Lee Lake made his grandmother’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake, especially for Deb. They say the cake is the official birthday cake for Deb. Since this is my first year here this particular weekend, I can’t verify that.

I can’t speak for Deb, but from what I can tell, she had a fantastic birthday consisting of Scuba Diving and eating great food.

Dan’s Chicken

Fresh cut Susie Q’s and Onion Rings

Eventually, they decided that there was too much oil in the fryers so they had to take some out. Dan Hayworth was extremely trusting of Mark pulling hot oil out and putting into the coffee can!
Fresh-grilled Corn on the Cobb
Deep-Fried Mushrooms in Dan’s Chicken Seasoning

Happy Birthday, Deb! I hope you had a Great Birthday!! And Doug, I sure hope you enjoyed Dan’s Chicken! I know the rest of us did!!!

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