Mermet Springs Dive Traditions: Fat Edd’s Roadhouse

I really think that I’m starting to sound like a broken record when I talk about how much we like to eat. Think about it though, Scuba Diving is a sport and people who play sports exert energy. Exerting energy makes you hungry and the way to calm that hunger is to eat. There I have made a case as to why we like to eat so much, do you agree with me?

But let’s get back to today’s post, okay?  So every trip to Mermet Springs tends to bring about a trip to Fat Edd’s as a group on Saturday night. Now Fat Edd’s has had a few different names so depending on who you are talking to and how many trips to Mermet they have made depends sometimes on what they call it.

On this trip, we had two divers celebrating birthdays, Barb Mcmurry on Saturday, September 6th, and Kennedy Bandy on Sunday, September 7th so Deb made a trip to the store and got them both cakes. One was chocolate and one was vanilla, that way everyone had a choice of what they’d like to eat.

Now our first trip to Mermet Springs, everyone was raving about the shrimp. They went on and on about how we had to try the shrimp. I’m not a huge fan of shrimp myself but everyone else raves about them. I’d take their words over mine! (but I did try one!)

Doug Lord got the Buffalo Wings. That was another thing that everyone raved about and said we had to try. Hello yum!

Now I must tell you that the appetizers are large, the serving sizes are large, the sides are large. You’ve been warned. So basically you order one, someone else will order another, and we play pass the sides around. I don’t have pictures of the Fried Pickle Chips but yum! I do however have the Fire Crackers (Jalapeno battered cheese sticks) and Buffalo Chicken Dip. All excellent choices!

Now the entrees pretty much came a la carte and you ordered sides to go with them, except the Philly Cheesesteak and it came with chips. Also pictured are (L-R, T-B)  Texas BBQ Burger, Edd’s Cheeseburger, Mushroom & Swiss Burger, and the Philly Cheesesteak.

These particular sides are Corn Nuggets and Onion Rings.

And we ended the evening singing Happy Birthday to Barb & Kennedy (separately). Now here’s a fun piece of information, Happy Birthday is actually copyrighted and that’s why they don’t sing it at restaurants anymore, they make up their own because if they were caught they’d have to pay a fee for singing it. Interesting huh? You just never know what you’ll learn through the Extreme Sports Scuba blog… right?

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