Mermet Springs September 2014

Can you believe that one year ago today started the Extreme Sports Scuba Blog? The very first post you ask? It just so happened to be the Mermet Springs September 2013 post. We’ve come full circle. Extreme Sports Scuba has had one heck of an exciting year, that’s for sure!

This year there was just one trip to Mermet Springs. Extreme Sports Scuba was represented at Mermet Springs with around 50 divers. How cool is that? Different groups went down at different times, in fact, we had a small group that went down on Thursday and got in an extra day of diving. The rest of us took off for Illinois on Friday.

Drake Weston, Deb Weston, Dan La Due, Emma La Due, Mark Willoughby

Now for those who made the trip to Mermet Springs or for those of you who have talked to anyone who made the trip… you may or may not have heard about the fun that was had in the middle of the night. If you missed out on that, hit someone up because what happens in Metropolis stays in Metropolis or something like that.

Saturday morning we all woke up and grabbed a bite to eat at the hotel and then headed to Mermet Springs. Now if you’ve never been there, you drive and drive and drive through farmland and really think you’re not headed where you’re supposed to go.

Then you hit the big town of Mermet and eventually you’ll see that wonderful dive flag sign with the plane and you know you’ve arrived.

As I stated last year, when you pull in you have to check in and present them with your C-card.

Then they direct you on. Since we were with a group from ESS they sent us to our set up area which was reserved especially for our group.

There are a few entry points but this seemed to be the main one.

Once out on the dock, you got the view of the quarry.

 Then it was time to get our gear put together and we were ready to go.

Our youngest diver. She’s already practicing to go up.

There’s always room for a photo bomber!

Check out the Lobster in the plane… oh yeah! (don’t worry, it’s not real. I checked… lol)

Now I was asked why would you want to go underwater and why would someone sink something underwater. The obvious answer… to play! You can be a school bus driver, a pilot, a motorcyclist, you can play with Tonka trucks, bowling, take a bath in the tub, and even feed fish. Why wouldn’t you want to go underwater and play?

Dan La Due, here are your photos of Tori Willoughby in the bus!

Nicole Willoughby & Mark Willoughby – their yearly anniversary photo, underwater, oh yea!

Just for our Spider “loving” friends.

If you want to see someone do Mask Skills just watch Cailee Lake. She must have been having trouble with her mask because I noticed she did this multiple times. You go, girl!

The sisters in one BC…

And this crew knows how to have fun. But after two long days of diving… Food is where it all is!

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