(First day is a non-diving day with Extreme Sports – added for travel to Mermet, if you’d like to dive let us know!)

Mermet Springs is an 8.5-acre spring-fed quarry located in southern Illinois. The water visibility at Mermet Springs is exceptional and can range from 15 feet to over 60 feet. Water temperature varies with the Midwest seasons and ranges to the low 40s at depth during winter, up to the mid 80s above the thermocline in the summer.

Whether you are looking for a scuba training facility or a dive site that you and the entire family can enjoy, plan your next trip to Mermet Springs where you can dive in First Class.

park fees

CASH OR CHECK ONLY, if paying with credit card, you must pre-pay in the dive shop w/ a processing fee

Diver – $25 (Paid to Deb at the end of the weekend)

Non-Diver – $8 (Paid to Deb at the end of the weekend)

Primitive Camping – $8 (Paid to Mermet)

Electric RV – $20 (includes 2 people) (Paid to Mermet)

Air Fills – $8 (These are tallied up and settled at the end of the weekend to DEB)

Nitrox Fills – $12 (Paid to Deb at the end of the weekend)

Nitrox Rental – $15 (32% pre-mix) (Paid to Mermet)

Visual Inspection – $13 (Paid to Mermet)

Hydro – $30 (Paid to Mermet)

Tumble – $15 (Paid to Mermet)

other additional information

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