Extreme Product Feature – Mesh ‘n Roll Gear Bag

It’s Wednesday! That means today we’re learning about another product, but if you missed out on yesterday’s blog post, I highly recommend you read it. It’s a good, yet fun reason to keep your dive log up-to-date. Mine is up-to-date, I really should go look at it and see what story it tells. While a lot of my dives are seen on my Luna screen, not all because I haven’t always had that Galileo Luna dive computer. In fact, since I’ve been diving I’ve dove with at least 5 or 6 different computers so I can’t just go back through and see all my dives. Instead, I have to look at my dive log. It’s a great reason to keep it current. But seriously, go back and look at yours and see the stories that lie in the pages.

Moving on to Wednesday though, Hi Dan, it’s Wednesday. Today let’s talk about Mesh ‘n Roll Bags.

Mesh ‘n Roll Gear Bag

Mesh bags are really handy pieces of equipment, but there are many different types you can have. There’s the duffle bag style, the back pack style, and then this really cool style that has wheels where you can drag it around. Perfect, right? Because who really wants to carry their heavy gear (raises hand… yes, mine is a duffle bag and back pack style, I have 2).

So what is the purpose of a mesh gear bag? Well first off, you need a bag to help keep all your gear together. But the benefits of a mesh bag is when you place your wet gear into the bag, it can drain the water out. Plus, as an added feature, the loose-weave mesh allows you to see what is inside your bag and you know, what is missing. Finally, that loose-weave allows your bag to circulate air to help with that barbaric stink we all know and love.

The best part about this Mesh ‘n Roll bag though is it has wheels and a pull handle. So now you can roll your gear down to the dive site in style. The better part of that is after you’re done diving, drag the wet gear back up to your hotel, your car, your locker, wherever and you won’t have a drenched back like all your friends. They’ll be envious of you. Plus, when you’re done diving and tired, you don’t have to carry that heavy gear.

The SCUBAPRO Mesh ‘n Roll bag is built with heavy-duty coated mesh fabric that is lightweight and durable. The main compartment holds a lot of gear and closes with a YKK saltwater resistant double-sided zipper that is U-shaped, allowing a large opening for loading and unloading all your gear. Then there is a separate pocket on the side that isn’t mesh allowing a place to put your wallet, your dive card, your keys, your room key, whatever you need to carry with you and it stays dry.

The bag has adjustable straps that would allow you to carry it duffle bag or back pack style, but it collapses down small enough to fit in your checked bag. But, what makes this bag so unique is this….

What is this? Well, the Caravan bag is large enough that you can pack your gear straight in to your mesh bag, place the mesh bag inside the Caravan bag, zip it shut and check it. Now remember to be mindful of weight restrictions on airlines and pack that checked bag accordingly (like you would anyway!)

Mesh 'n Roll gear bag inside the SCUBAPRO Caravan Bag

Technical Information left to the experts

  • Heavy-duty PVC coated mesh fabric is rugged yet lightweight.
  • Large main compartment is water-draining and holds lots of dive gear.
  • YKK double-slider U-shaped zipper is saltwater-resistant and allows ample access to the bag for packing and unpacking.
  • Separate non-mesh zippered pocket is perfect for storing smaller valuables.
  • Top pull handle and heavy-duty wheels create an easy-to-maneuver gear transport system.
  • Semi-rigid base with reinforced corners protect the bag when rolling over rough terrain.
  • Adjustable straps can be used for shoulder or backpack-style carrying.
  • Dimensions: 30.8x15x13.8in/78x38x35cm.
  • Weight: 5.7lbs/2600g. Volume: 27.5gal/104L.

This, this is the mesh gear bag to have, I’m telling you. No, sadly I don’t own one, but my husband does, does that count? I could so steal his and he’d never say anything, except where’s my gear… lol. This gear bag is pretty cool, especially with that packing inside a bag trick. They just informed me of that when we went to Cozumel this year. Why don’t I own one of these bags still? Well I don’t know. My birthday is coming up soon, who wants to buy me one. Haha! Come see this bag in person because it’s that amazing!

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