Momentum Ladies Watches

Here we are quickly approaching December. December means that Santa is visiting in case you missed that Memo. I wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page. You’re welcome.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard mention that we recently (wow a month ago) went to DEMA. So for a couple years, we’ve looked at adding a line of watches into the store. This watch company has been around for 35 years and most of their watches are dive accessible. In fact, one of the watches claims you can dive to 200 meters.

I did that conversion to feet for you (and me), that is 656 feet. Last time I checked, 656 feet is way over recreational diving limits.

Since men and women’s watches are different, I’m going to do one post focused on Women’s watches (this one) and one on Men’s watches (Thursday). That way we try to cover all basis.

Momentum Ladies Watches

A Guide to Getting the Perfect Women’s Watch

Momentum Splash 38 Rubber Watches

The Splash 38 Rubber

This is a solid stainless-steel watch that is both practical and flashy. This watch comes in a variety of colors along with matching colored bands. The cool thing is you can mix and match your watch face with different colored bands to dress it up or make it a little more fun. The watch bands are extremely interchangeable and fun colored along with having a solid white and black band for those more formal occasions.

This particular watch is a little bigger than your typical ladies watch measuring in at 38 millimeters. This is one of those 200-meter dive watches and it has a 3-5-year battery life. Finally, when you get your hand on this watch, you’ll immediately smell a hint of vanilla. WHAT? Yes, you read that correctly… this watch has a rubber band. (not a rubberband.) When they designed the watch, they didn’t like the smell of the rubber in the band so they incorporated a hint of vanilla to mask the rubber smell.

While we were looking at this watch at DEMA, the guy opened the case and Deb and I both smelled vanilla but didn’t ask why. Turns out, we weren’t crazy (about that anyway) and he explained that the vanilla smell is incorporated into the watch band itself.

This watch comes in Navy, Aqua, Purple, Pink, Eggplant, Gray, Khaki Green, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, and Teal.

Momentum Mini Rubber Watches

The Mini Rubber

Next up we have the smaller version of the previous watch, the Mini Rubber. This watch is extremely similar to the previous watch. The main difference is in size. The watch is 31 millimeters in size and more the size of a typical ladies’ watch.

This watch features a luminous dial, water resistance up to 200-meters, and a battery life for 2-3 years.

The Mini Rubber comes in Aqua, Pink, Lime, Orange, Yellow, Silver, and Black. They say their best-selling color is the Aqua. These colors tend to be more pastel than the sister watch.

Momentum Splash Ceramic 38 Steel Watches

The Splash Ceramic

The third watch we really looked into for the women’s watches was the Splash Ceramic. This is a dressier option for watches. The face is similar to the Splash Rubber, but it takes a more practical approach to every day with a bit of a dressier approach. The Splash Ceramic watch comes in four different color combinations.

This watch is also equipped with scratchproof crystal and is made to look good and bring confidence in the diver who has a daytime job to pay for their recreation. This watch is made to go on that deep dive too, so wear it for all occasions! We’re talking the 200 meters.

This watch comes in 4 combinations:

  • White/Champagne Gold Plated & Ceramic
  • White/Stainless Steel & Ceramic
  • White/Rose Gold Plated & Ceramic
  • White/Stainless Steel

The Momentum Watch

This watch brand comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. These just happen to be the styles we discussed with Momentum while we were at DEMA.

These watches have a screw-down crown which helps them with the deep depth diving abilities.

If nothing else, come in for the vanilla smell because it’s lovely. (and truth be known, I’m not a huge fan of the smell of vanilla usually.) These watches have been in our sights for a few years and we finally decided to bring them in for you to try out too. Come see us and the options we have here in the store.

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