My Time in Curaçao

Last year when our group went to Curaçao I was not able to go. Grady escorted the group, however this year I was able to escort the group without Grady. What did I think of this?

Dive Destination

The accommodations at Sunscape Resort were excellent. The rooms were large and tastefully decorated.

They kept a stocked prime fridge in your room with water, soda, and beer. The choice of restaurants at the resort was excellent. There were buffets, Italian, Bar & Grill, Seafood, and Japanese steakhouse. To my delight, there was a coffee house open 24 hours a day.

I tried them all, especially loved the seafood and Bar & Grill.

The views were beautiful

The dive ship (Ocean Encounters) is one of the most accommodating dive shops we have ever worked with. Shore diving there is easy and a great dive when the surge and current are not too bad.

I did get to see the “trash pile” of old cars and metal on the last day, “Wow!”

Boat diving there is easy and we had some really good dive masters and boat captains. We did a day trip to Mushroom Forrest and The Blue Room. Bot of these were really cool dives, that day we had lunch on the boat.

Tugboat was a fun dive even though Kim Brungard lost her camera on that dive. Later in the week “Luis” found the camera. Funny thing is he found the lost camera last year too. So, he is officially the lost camera finder.

One “Blue Bay Gardens” we saw lots of turtles, sleeping in large barrels of sponge.

The downtown area is as colorful and full of history and photo shows it. Had a great afternoon of eating and exploring.

Our trip to Curaçao, however, was short two people that had to cancel due to unfortunate circumstances. Ed Brewer and Shirley Mann’s son and daughter-in-law were killed in a motorcycle accident on 7/20/2018. During the trip, our thoughts and prayers were with them.

Definitely would recommend this trip again. Really enjoyed my time there. Great place for all ages of divers and non-divers alike.

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