Newton County Christmas for Kids

In the past, you’ve probably seen this photo…

5th Annual Christmas for Kids Chili Cookoff

Or even a photo like this…

6th Annual Newton County Christmas for Kids Chili Cookoff

Possibly even this photo…

6th Annual Chili Cookoff

But… what on earth are we doing and why does it look like so much fun?

Newton County Christmas for Kids

We are a group of people, who volunteer our time and resources, to come together to help the children of Newton County. Each year we have multiple different means of raising money for a better Christmas for kids in Newton County. This is our 9th year. We are very happy that our program has been so successful in helping the community. The donations go a long way in making a child’s Christmas a special memory. Last year our organization was able to help over 200 families, as well as 200 Head Start children.

There are multiple groups involved including all fire departments from Newton County, Newton County Ambulance, and Newton County Rescue and Recovery involved in this program.

100% of the proceeds collected go toward this program. So that means all proceeds are spent right here in Newton County to give back to the local communities. No donation is too small.


With all the proceeds going back to the community, where do the funds come from? We send out donation letters to the businesses of the communities. The different groups involved ringing the bells at Neosho Walmart. Outside individual donations. Plus we have the Chili Cookoff, which is coming up really soon! Mark your calendars: October 12, 2019.

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