October Dive Club Meeting – 2013

If you missed the dive club meeting this month you sure missed out on some good food! 21 Divers were in attendance.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, October 5 & Sunday, October 6–Open Water Certification, Solo certification, and dry suit is going to be held at Stockton Lake.

Sunday, October 6–Pumpkin Carving event. Because of the government shut down, the Pumpkin Carving has been moved to Stockton Lake at 1 pm.

Entry Fee is $6

Bring your own Pumpkin


  1. All divers must show proof of certification and sign a waiver before participating.
  2. All divers must have a buddy unless solo certified with proper equipment.
  3. One pumpkin per diver.
  4. Divers may not start carving until the diver and pumpkin are both fully submerged.
  5. Divers may not use carving sheets.
  6. Divers may use carving knives.
  7. No props allowed on pumpkins.
  8. No tracing on pumpkins before carving starts.
  9. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  10. No electric knives are permitted.
  11. A time limit of 45 minutes or 500 PSI for carving.
  12. If suspected consumption of alcohol, the participant will be excluded from the carving.
  13. One prize per person for carving.
  14. Only carvers will be allowed to judge the pumpkins
  15. Carvers are required to pose for a group photo.
  16. No stolen pumpkins will be allowed.

October 10, 2013–ScubaPro Rep will be at the Dive shop should you have any questions for him, please send them to Deb and Grady.

November 2013–There will be a Concealed Carry Class offered in November. More details to follow.

February 22-March 1st 2014–Cozumel Mexico dive trip, only 4 spots left as of October 3rd. Contact the Dive shop if you want in on this trip. $100 deposit per person required.

March 1st–March 8, 2014–Cozumel trip is booked solid.

February 22-March 8, 2014–the 2 week Cozumel dive trip, 2 openings still available as of October 3rd. Contact the Dive shop if you’re interested.

Remember these open spots are on a first come first served basis and they fill up fast!!

Other News:

Don’t forget to turn your photos into Deb for the 2014 calendar. They will be using more than 12 photos, so if you have a photo you would like included be sure to send it her way.

Details are being worked out right now for a photo contest that will be held through Facebook. The picture chosen will replace the photo of Deb and Grady out on the front sign. Look for details on the Extreme Sports Scuba Facebook site.

Summer trips are being arranged now and will be announced as soon as they are available.

This is ScubaPro’s 50-year anniversary. Be sure to check out their website, go to their museum page, and you can see every regulator ever made.

The end of the evening drawing went to Pokey Cupp. (He received an Extreme Sports Scuba Shirt of his choice.)

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