Oklahoma Aquarium

Happy Pi Day… not Pie, but who says you can’t eat Pie to celebrate Pi Day. And in case you don’t get the reference, there is a math term (remember high school math) Pi, 3.14. And today happens to be March 14, aka 3-14 or 3.14. I always feel like I need to share just a bit of trivia when I write a post .

Okay so yesterday a bunch of us traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma or really Jenks, OK, to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium. At dive meetings we’ve talked and talked about doing a group trip and finally one was put together. It was a lot of fun! Part of the group was already down there that weekend while the rest of us headed down Sunday morning. We were supposed to meet at noon, but the group that went down on Sunday morning, we were a bit late. Whoops, please don’t be mad at us other group! We were late because we stopped by Waterfront Grill for a quick bite to eat, but we still ran into you there so it was perfect! By the way, if you find yourself at the Oklahoma Aquarium and are looking for good food, check out Waterfront Grill and no they didn’t pay me to say that but by all means, I like gift cards. haha! .

Anyway I’d like to share a few photos from our outing, so for your photo enjoyment, 15 photos of our trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Ashlyn & Bailey Hayworth looking at the fish in the aquarium.

Tori & Addison Willoughby crawling into the tree tank

Doug Lord crawling through the same area as above.

Doug Lord inside the tank.

Steve & Priscilla Sweet inside the Shark tank.

Cam Parrish, Ashlyn Hayworth, Anissa & Chris Parrish all viewing the Shark tank.

Tori Willoughby sunning herself on the gator outside the aquarium.

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