Ride for Life – Purdy, MO

So, Divers like all other individuals are involved in more than just Scuba Diving. Crazy I know. This last weekend a few of us loaded up our horses and headed to Purdy, MO, for the Ride for Life event to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Grady Weston, Jared Weston, & Jerry McReynolds are part of the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard. I bring this up because they also dive with us. The mounted guard took part as aids in case there were any “wrecks” along the 14-mile ride. To say there were some rodeos would be an understatement, but everyone had a great time and luckily, no one was hurt too bad.

Along with the ride, they also had an auction on Saturday night to raise additional funds for the cause. Things that were auctioned off included jewelry, bits, a recliner (sold twice), chocolate chip cookies, a peach pie (that brought $110), horse feed, dog food, a hand made vase, and many other things.

I heard there were around 221 participants in the ride. Between the ride and the auction around $15,000 was raised for St. Jude’s. Not too shabby for a weekend event!

Auction Items



Sunset in the Valley

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