Safari Hunt 2014

So for those of you who knew or maybe didn’t know… the scuba blogger was pregnant at the beginning of the summer. With my due date June 26, Deb told me I had to stay home during the Safari Hunt so I had to rely on others to get pictures for me. I finally got all the pictures collected and it is time to do a recap.

The annual Safari Hunt was held on June 21, 2014, at Indian Creek on Beaver Lake. The Safari Hunt is a great time to come down to the lake and be among your scuba diving family not to mention if you are diving that day you have the chance to win some really good prizes.

Chris, Cam, and Anissa Parrish; Lee & Chloe Lake; Emma, Carlene & Danielle La Due Kathy Bennet & Deb Weston

This year there were over 30 participants who hunted for the stuffed animals that were hidden underwater.

On top of the Scuba Diving Safari Hunt, there were tickets sold for a chance to win other prizes. The proceeds from the tickets are donated to Newton County Rescue and Recovery. This year the fishbowl raised over $620. Thank you Scuba Family!

Pokey Cupp & Jared Weston

While the adults were off diving for the animals, the kids were having their own snorkel dive in the swim area.

This is definitely a great day of fun, friends, diving and of course, you can’t forget the food!

Dan La Due
Dan Hayworth
Molly Lake; Bullet Cupp

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