Safari Hunt 2018 Official Rules

It’s that time of year again… No, I’m not talking about Father’s Day, although don’t forget that June 17, 2018, is Father’s Day. This time though I’m talking about The Annual Safari Hunt!

Yes, it’s time for the Annual Safari Hunt. Make sure your calendars are marked for June 23, 2018.


  • Start time: 1:30
  • Location: Indian Creek Campground on Beaver Lake in Arkansas.
  • Entry fee: None, but please bring proof of SCUBA certification and you’ll sign a waiver
  • Other details: There will be a fishbowl drawing. Chances are $1 a piece. Proceeds benefit Newton County Rescue and Recovery.

So… what exactly is the Safari Hunt?

You and your dive buddy go SCUBA hunting for animals no deeper than 30 feet. Once you find an animal, you come up and register your number. Then you win a prize.

Prizes are donated by SCUBAPRO, SCUBA Diving International (SDI), Divers Alert Network, Innovative SCUBA Products, Trident, and Extreme Sports SCUBA.

Official Safari Hunt Rules:

  1. All divers must show proof of certification and sign a waiver. Junior divers must have a liability release signed by parents or legal guardian.
  2. No animals are below 30 feet of water.
  3. All divers must dive with and surface with a buddy, unless they are solo certified and equipped.
  4. One animal per diver.
  5. The time limit is 45 minutes or until a diver is down to 500 PSI.
  6. If all animals are not found, prizes will be drawn from eligible divers.
  7. Divers must show good sportsmanship and diving skills during this event.
  8. Divers cannot use propulsion units during this dive.
  9. Safety divers are on surface and land, please signal when you surface.
  11. Snorkelers may join in on the fun.
  12. No antacids will be provided after lunch.
  13. Each animal is numbered and that is the order you will draw for prizes.

Simple enough, right?

Now, let’s make sure to include that the littles won’t be excluded either!! All children under the age of diving will have their own safari hunt for prizes. All kids who participate in the children’s safari hunt will receive a prize! Yey!!

This is one of our favorite summer events. If you cannot dive for whatever reason, come join us on land for the fishbowl prizes, fun, friends, and of course food. If you have any questions, contact us here at Extreme Sports SCUBA and we’ll do our best to answer any and all questions. And of course, you know us, if we don’t know the answer we’ll make it up we’ll find it out.

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