Scuba Certification Part 3

Last night Mark came home to Addison and me watching re-runs of Boy Meets World. I sure miss that show compared to some of the shows that are on tv now-days… yikes! Anyway they were actually talking Scuba Diving. Mr. Feeney asked what SCUBA stood for and I blurted out Self Contained Underwater Breathing Aparatus. Mark asked if I was proud of myself and I giggled. On the show, Corey said Duba to Feeney’s question and Shawn had a blank stare on his face. I just thought that it was great that they were doing an entire show in Scuba Diving and that reminded me that back in 2013 when the blog was still fresh and new I started writing blog posts on the types of certifications you could get. There’s

And then I wrote part 3 but forgot that I that I wrote part 3 so this has been sitting around waiting to be published since October 2013. This is a great post about the advanced certifications that you can receive so definitely check out these certifications and if you’re new to diving, look back at the first 2 posts. There’s good information to further your dive career.

Advanced Diver

  • Requires 4 Specialties

The SDI Advanced Scuba Diver Development Program was created to make truly “Advanced Divers.”  During the course your SDI Instructor will take you through four SDI specialties covering all the skills and subjects, so that by the end you will feel comfortable to conduct dives of a similar nature.

Once you have logged your 25th dive visit your local SDI facility with your logbook and four SDI Advanced Scuba Diver Development specialty cards and you will be awarded the SDI Advanced Scuba Diver certification.  By earning the SDI Advanced Scuba Diver certifications you will increase abilities and comfort in the water and be ready for the next step, SDI Rescue Diver.

Rescue Diver

The SDI Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop your knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues and assist and administer necessary first aid. You will learn skills such as how to perform self rescues, buddy rescues, recognize and calm potential panic divers, administer proper first aid to divers that have experienced dive related injuries, conduct effective search patterns and manage accident scenes.

Solo Diver

  • Requires 100+ Dives

At one point or another, a diver has found himself alone during a dive, whether it may have been intentional or not. SDI’s Solo Diving is the practice of self-reliant scuba diving without a “dive buddy”.

Solo diving, once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and some certification agencies as an acceptable practice for those divers suitably trained and experienced. Rather than relying on the traditional buddy diving safety system, solo divers should be skilled in self-sufficiency and willing to take responsibility for their own safety while diving.

One of SDI’s most popular courses, the solo diver program teaches experienced recreational divers how to safely dive independently of a dive buddy or strengthen your buddy team skills. The course stresses on proper dive planning, personal limitations, accident prevention as well as the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo. You will also learn the additional equipment that is required for solo diving including its proper usage and assembly. This is the perfect course for underwater photography and underwater video divers as well as those diving with their children or buddies that may not very experienced in scuba diving.

Master Diver

  • Pre-Req: Advanced Diver with 50+ Logged Dives
  • Course includes 4 Specialties and Rescue Diver Certification

You have already shown that diving is the sport for you by completing your Open Water Scuba Diver certification, Advanced Scuba Diver certification, Rescue Diver certification and you have logged 50 total dives, now take the next step. The SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Program is an earned certification and the highest non-professional level of certification.

Visit your local SDI facility and bring along all your accomplishments in diving, don’t forget the logbook with your 50 dives, the friendly staff will reward all of your hard work by submitting for your Master Scuba Diver certification.

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