Christmas Wish List – Items $100 and Under

Guys, it is that time of year… Santa will be here just before you know it… but you still have to find those perfect gifts for your loved ones on your Christmas shopping list. Today we have a treat for you… We have gone through and collected the best dive gear for $100 or less.

These are those accessory type things you may want to add to your packages or maybe you already have your gear and are looking for those cute little “Knick-knacks” just to finish out your look. Never fear, we have you covered.

Number 1 goal… make safe divers. Number 2 goal… Make you look smoking hot. Haha… I believe the word you’re looking for is… Anyway.

SCUBA Items $100 or less

SCUBA Items $100 or less

Main Accessories

Mask – You need one of these to dive. Point blank. I guess unless you don’t want to see. This is always a good option to get for that new diver in your life… but, it’s also nice to get that seasoned diver one of these also. There are multiple masks under $100 so come take your pick!

Snorkel – Another great accessory is the snorkel. It is required for Open-Water certification, but it is a great accessory for when you are doing a surface interval.

Boots – These are another one of those accessories you need unless you get a full-foot fin. These are a necessary item for making that trek to the water for a shore dive. Some dives require a warmer boot, while other dives you can get by with a thinner boot. So, it is always good to have options.

Weights – These are also necessary unless you are already negatively buoyant. Hint: None of us are. When you are traveling in an airplane, usually you’ll rent weights at your dive destination. But if you are driving to your destination, it’s always best to have your own weights on you.


Beanies – For those of you out there who don’t like wearing the full hooded vest, but want the extra warmth, this is the option for you.

Headband – Not like those things we all wore in the 80’s, but this is one of those items that help keep your ears warm.

Lycra hoods – This is a fun item, point blank. They offer a smidge of heat say for the warmer climates, but mainly they are to help set you apart from other divers. You pick your pattern/color and bam, you are immediately easily spot-able while diving. They also help don that hooded vest should you need help keeping your hair back for instance.

Gloves – Gloves are extremely helpful in many cases. In cold water, the gloves help keeps your hands warm. On wreck dives, the gloves offer protection to keep you from cutting your finger on old, jagged metal.

Lycra Socks – These are not only fun but practical. When you put on your socks, they help you put on your wetsuit because the suit that is so snug against your skin glides against the socks. They also help in donning your dive boots. Dual purpose items plus they add some pizzazz to your outfit.


White Tip 65 Knife – We like to dive with a knife in case you get tangled up in something.

  • Compact knife for BC Attachment
  • Conventional & serrated edges for multiple-task cutting
  • One-handed, easy to operate safety locking sheath
  • BC and hose assembly kit included
  • 304-grade, hard-tempered Stainless Steel

Dive Slate – 2 options

  1. Flip Wrist style slate with pre-written notes as well as the option of writing your own
  2. Slate that attaches to your BC allowing you to unhook and write your message as needed.

Safety Sausage – These are extremely helpful when diving in the ocean.

  • The rule of thumb is to send your safety sausage to the surface once you’re at about 30 feet.
  • You’ll definitely want it up at 15 feet.
  • If you’re in a group of divers, usually only one sausage needs to be sent to the surface at a time, however, if you have to surface to get the boat captain’s attention, it is handy to make sure you have one of these on you.

Reel – These are the things that help attach the safety sausage to you. There are many options to help suit your needs. But if you have a safety sausage, you’ll definitely want the reel too!

Princeton Tec 260 Lumens – Night dives… who is with me? They are extremely interesting and everyone should do at least 2. That’s what is required to get your night dive certification.

Miflex Hoses – Have you seen these hoses? They attach your 1st stage to your 2nd stage. They are extremely flexible and make it easy to pack.

Lanyards – A lanyard can help attach your console, a camera, a light, etc to your BC so you don’t drop it.

Spring straps for your fins – This accessory makes it extremely easy to don your fins, quickly. That way you can catch that shark on camera.

Fin & Mask Holder strap – This attaches to your BC and makes walking into the water on a shore dive easily to keep yourself together. You won’t forget your fins and mask.

Dive Accessory Hangers – Normal hangers aren’t heavy enough to hold our wet SCUBA gear.


Weight Bag – A way to keep those weights together. It makes it easy to carry. And there is nothing heavy duty enough to carry those weights except a weight bag.

Regulator Bag – Protect your regulator when you’re not using it. It is also a great place to keep your computer so you always have them together.

Mesh Carry Bags – These are a necessity for boat diving. It is a great way to keep your gear together, but the mesh outer shell allows water to drip away from your gear.

Dry Bags – They do what they say… they keep your stuff dry. What goes in there? Well, your wallet, your phone, your passport, your money, anything you don’t want the water to get wet.

Dive Mask Case – this provides a way to protect your mask when you’re transporting it from home to site and back again. If you want to see underwater, you want your mask safe.

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