SCUBA Takes the Guessing Out of Christmas

SCUBA for Christmas

It is the time of year when you start scratching your head wondering just what you can get that special someone for Christmas. Well look no further, we have options for presents under the tree as well as stocking stuffers. Have that picky someone? Never fear, there are even gift certificate options. This is your one stop shop for that person you love with the sport of SCUBA diving.

SCUBA Certifications

Option number 1 is getting that person in your life a SCUBA class. If they are not currently a certified SCUBA diver, then sign them up for Open-Water SCUBA Classes. If you sign them up now before December 24, 2018, you’ll get the option for a free mask or free pair of dive boots. Both of those, the mask and the dive boots, are something you should get when going through classes. Each of those items tend to be specific to people.

Option number 2 You say you’re already SCUBA certified? Well, then buy advanced classes. There are lots of options so if you wonder, come in and talk to us. We can help find the right class for you.


Looking for items to wrap up and put under the tree, we have you covered there too!

The Hydros BC is one of the highly sought-after BC’s on the market. It is a lightweight BC that is easy to dry and pack up for travel. When traveling, especially to flight destinations, weight is of the utmost importance. This BC dries quickly so you aren’t trying to pack water weight. It is also relatively small and folds up to take up less room in your dive gear bags.

If you are looking for Fins, we have quite the selection including the 2 sets of fins that tend to draw the most of our divers toward.

The first set are the Seawing Nova Fins. They are light weight, again great for travel, as well as giving the diver leverage to quickly chase after that award-winning photo. They also come in multiple colors, especially formulated to match up with the Hydros BC colored pockets.

The second set of fins have been on the market longer. They are the Twin-Jet Fins. Before the Seawing Nova Fins came on the market, a lot of our divers here at Extreme Sports SCUBA relied on the Twin Jet Fins. They are tried and true and have stood the test of time.

Another great option to look into is a wetsuit. There are multiple options in wetsuits to travel to most of the dive destinations. I say most because you’d want a dry suit should you dive, say Antarctica. But we carry suits that are perfect for Caribbean dives as well as the cool waters of Mermet Springs.

To go along with the fins, we have a great selection of short and tall boots to make sure that your diver’s feet are perfectly taken care of during dives.

Finally, that mask… Masks tend to be custom to a diver’s point of view. We have masks that suit for divers who wear glasses as well as divers who don’t. There are multiple options and they even come in fun colors.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something a little smaller, such as a stocking stuffer. There are multiple options there ranging from a new mask strap to mask defogger. We have snorkels and sink the stink. Trust me, sink the stink while it sounds strange is a great present, especially on dive trips!!

Finally, …

If your diver is all geared up and set for SCUBA diving, buy them an exotic trip to a far-off destination. But please, remember to book yourself a trip too because you totally deserve it!

If you think any of this sounds like something you need, make sure to come see us. We’ll work with you and get the perfect Christmas present for that special someone on your list. And don’t worry, we can keep secrets!!

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