SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealership Party

Do you know what day it is? Groundhog Day! And don’t worry, it isn’t like that 1993 Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day, this day won’t be repeated. But, a day that would be fun to repeat would be Saturday! Maybe not the work leading up to the day, Deb might disown me if she had to repeat the work leading up to the party, but after all the work was finished and the party started, let’s repeat that!

In case you didn’t know, Saturday Extreme Sports Scuba went Platinum with ScubaPro. About 5 years ago ScubaPro created a program with a set of guidelines and a reward system for the top 50 out of 450 ScubaPro dealers in the country. As of Saturday, Extreme Sports Scuba falls into that category.

Scott Dawson came into Extreme Sports Scuba back in either 1998 or 1999 to convince them to sell ScubaPro, back when Extreme Sports was in a 12×16 shop. At first, Grady and Deb weren’t completely sold but decided to give it a shot and it has turned out in their favor. All it took was Scott having faith in their business. Saturday their hard work was rewarded when Extreme Sports went Platinum.

The party started just before 1 pm with lunch. Lunch consisted of pulled pork sandwiches, Deb’s Ranch Potatoes, Baked Beans and coleslaw along with blackberry cobbler, peach cobbler and the star of the show, the ScubaPro Platinum cake decorated by Heather Gray. Scott told Grady and Deb to get people to show up. We told them if there’s food, they will come and that mentality proved true as we had a turnout of 60+ people at the Platinum party.

Scott Dawson, West Central Sales Manager, is our favorite ScubaPro Sales Rep; he flew in from Washington State for the Party along with Harry Ward, Sales Director for the Americas, who flew in from San Diego, CA. I must add this bit of information in case you weren’t there Saturday, Harry informed us that he wasn’t from the coast, he was originally from Kansas City so he felt right back at home here in Joplin with us!!

After the presentation of the Platinum Dealership plaque

there were door prizes drawn. Congratulations to Emma La Due, Ed Brewer, Larry Renkoski, Tiffany Hayworth, Doug Crandall, Joe Jacquinet, Ava Fitzgerald and Danielle La Due.

Other pictures from the day:

It is because of people like the Weston Family as well as the Extreme Sports Scuba Family that made this accomplishment possible, so we all deserve a Thank you!

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