Extreme Product Feature – SCUBAPRO Rash Guard Shorts

Guys, did you realize that we have 7 weekends until Christmas. 7. That’s it. SEVEN. And I swear, someone pressed the fast-forward button on 2017 because we’re quickly spiraling faster and faster into the New Year. It’s really pretty crazy.

And while this is November, the Turkey’s month… It’s never too early to start making out that Christmas list. The more you spread out your buying of Christmas gifts, the less your pocketbook will scream at you. Just a thought. You’re in luck, today I have just the item that I’m adding to my Christmas list.

Rash Guard Shorts

SCUBAPRO Rash Guard shorts, regular and with cargo pockets

Here’s the thing about Rash guard shorts… a lot of the guys wear these when they are diving. They stay close to the skin and make it easy to get into a wetsuit, but… they make them for women too. WHAT? Oh, wait… I knew that. Haha. No seriously, they do make them for women since men and women are built differently. I learned that at DEMA. Haha. I am also here to tell you that as a female, I’ve stolen my husbands and worn them and loved them.

In 2017, they redesigned these popular shorts to include a HYBRID line that has pockets. Again, mind blown. Not really, but that is pretty cool. These shorts are made to conform to your body so that you can easily get your wetsuit on without bunching. They are a 1mm short that are lined on the underside with a micro plush panel to help with the warm, cozy feeling.

The fleece fabric absorbs less water, which is meant to help keep heat against your body and help with overall warmth. And the best part, they dry quickly. Who doesn’t want gear that dries quickly? One thing to keep in mind about the HYBRID pair… they are apparently made to be worn over the wetsuit, I guess so you can get to the pockets?


  • Cargo pockets
  • Nylon drawstring to help cinch them down
  • Quick drying
  • Reinforced seat

They are great for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers, and other water enthusiasts. The best part, they are available in multiple sizes.

So with this information, you have one of two things you need to do… Okay, one of three… Come talk to us about these. They’re great. Steal your husband’s. (check, I’ve done that before… more than once). Or Finally, Put them on your Christmas list and send your spouse in to see us.

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