SCUBAPRO Seawing Nova Fins Review

White Seawing Nova Fins on a diver

I became a certified SCUBA Diver in 1990 as I have shared many times throughout the blog. That means that I have been a certified SCUBA diver for 28 years this year. At that time, I have had the opportunity to dive with multiple different dive gear combinations. Last year we did a feature of our favorite SCUBA Products. One of my favorites was my Black Twin Jet Fins.

A few years ago when the Seawing Nova fins were offered in purple, Nicole bought a pair. Around that time, I started thinking I needed to try them again. They had recently been redesigned, so it was time to give them a try again. Eventually, I bought myself a pair of white. After using those Twin Jet Fins for over 10 years, it is really hard to use a different pair of fins.

As many of you may know, we just returned from a 15-day dive trip to Cozumel in early March. Before I left, I decided to take the White Seawing Nova Fins to try as well as my trusty Black Twin Jet Fins.

  • Our first day on the dive boat, I brought both pairs of fins. I could not bring myself to use the Seawing Nova fins.
  • The second day on the boat, however, I brought both pairs and MADE myself use the Seawing Nova fins on the 2nd dive. Did I like them? Not really. My legs were cramping and I felt very awkward in them. After talking to Doug Lord, he suggested kicking from the hips more.
  • So on the 3rd day on the boat, I left my trusty Black Twin Jet fins in the locker so I had no choice but to use the Seawing Nova Fins. I took Doug’s suggestion and started kicking from the hips more. I noticed my legs were no longer cramping.

This dive trip we were seeing a lot of eagle rays, on almost every dive in fact. I found that with the Seawing Nova Fins I had a lot more power to keep up with them. The more I used these fins the more I liked the way I could move through the water.

So after using the Seawing Nova Fins for two weeks on a dive trip, I really like the way they move through the water. I would suggest using them to keep up with the larger animals in the water, i.e. sharks, eagle rays, and turtles. I got a lot of eagle ray pictures on this trip that I probably would not have had I not had them.

My suggestion is to try a new pair of fins for over three dives before deciding whether or not you like them. Do I like using the Seawing Nova Fins now? Yes. I am going to continue using them and have ordered a pair of turquoise ones to match my new turquoise pockets for my Hydros BC.

My recommendation: Give them a try, soon.

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