Shhhhhh It’s a Surprise… Take Two

Let’s play a little game… It’s called Have you Met Dan?

Dan shows up on this blog quite often. He also is an Assistant Instructor here at Extreme Sports SCUBA. But if you really know Dan, he likes to get involved in shenanigans.

But this year, we actually got him!


January 17th is Dan’s Birthday. Mark your calendars!! And this year he turned the big 6-0. He told Carlene he didn’t want any surprises on his birthday, no birthday party, no big fuss. And… he thought he got by with it… That is until……

Jump forward a little over a month and he and Carlene had plans to go on the first week trip to Cozumel. So plans were made to have a surprise birthday party for him while in Cozumel. Carlene hit Deb up for help and the plans moved forward.

Now, Deb and her entourage stood in front of the banner and had people “sneak” over to sign the card. They stood in front of the card like they were having a good conversation so as to keep Dan out of the loop.

And then it was time for the cake to show up. They actually did the cake before dinner so that was most everyone’s dinner.

And the blogger has trained him well. He had to take a picture before he blew the cake out…

But if you know us… we didn’t let him get by with just “blowing the candles out.” Oh no. These were the candles that Don’t Blow Out Easily. Dano… just know that everyone here loves you too 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday! Hope 60 is everything you dreamed of and more!!

By the way… you were totally involved in Grady’s Surprise Birthday Party so…


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