Extreme Product Feature – Smell Fighters {Mirazyme, Sink the Stink}


If you came around the shop any within the last couple weeks… you may have known, we were debating some articles we read. That’s the one good thing about reading, it makes you think, converse, debate, and think.

I once heard someone say, whether they are talking good or bad about your writing, if they are debating your work, that means someone is reading your work. Interesting thought. Over the weekend I hit up one of our divers about needing recipes and she mentioned she didn’t know anything about it. Bummer, I guess not everyone is reading my work. I guess I need to put something debatable out there? Haha.

One thing that is not debatable… something that everyone needs in their collection of arsenal…

Sink the Stink or Mirazyme

Smell Fighters: Mirazyme and Sink the Stink


I mentioned a couple posts back that Grady said we were barbaric. Remember that whole conversation? Maybe not… no one is debating that… haha… But it’s true. Neoprene gets a stench whether it is from urine (all my friends pee themselves and wear wet suits), sweat, or even the salty ocean or freshwater marina smells.

One of the best ways to keep the smells down is to use a product to eliminate the smells. First off, make sure that you are always rinsing your neoprene in clean water. That helps a lot. Secondly, douse it in some Mirazyme or Sink the Stink.

Both of these products work in the same manner. They are concentrated formulas that you add to a body of water (say a bathtub). Soak the suits in the tub of water with the smell eliminator. Don’t rinse after they have been soaked. The drying action helps to set in the smell eliminating process. Hang the wet suit to dry and bam, you’re ready to go.

One really handy tip

I can share with you came from our diver, Kim Brungard. While we were diving in Cozumel, she had some of the stench clincher mixed with water in a spray bottle. After we dove and rinsed our gear with the hose on the boat, she sprayed down her wet suit with her little handy spray bottle. While it’s not perfect conditions and you’ll probably have to do that later before packing your gear to come home, it helps!

You’ll definitely want to make sure at the end of the dive season, which for some (or most) of us is approaching quickly, you’ll want to treat your gear. That way next spring when it is time to pull it out you don’t get hit with a ridiculous smell.

So, who has any other fun or interesting tips on how to not be so smelly? We’re all ears!!


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