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Underwater Statues in Cozumel – Ramón Bravo

Today, let’s cover the last installment of the statues located just off the coast of Cozumel and just to the right from Cozumel Marine World. The first statue we discussed was that of none other than Jacques Cousteau. The Second statue was none other than Sylvia Earle. Finally, the third statue is Ramón Bravo. So …

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Good Tuesday Morning to you . I see the sun is shining, I’ve heard the birds chirping. That means it will be a wonderful day, right? Oh, and it’ll probably be hot because we are in the middle of summer and that’s the way the weather rolls. So as of late you’ve heard us speaking of …

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Good morning! How are you on this beautiful Thursday morning? So we’ve been mentioning lately that we’re on Instagram, because guess what… We’re on Instagram! Have you liked us yet? @extremesportsscubaofficial. When you hit that Follow button, you’ll see all the shenanigans that we’ve been up too, and better yet you might be Instagram famous… …

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