Extreme Diver Interview – Austin Bond

Happy Wednesday! I really don’t want to think about it being Wednesday because I’m on vacation and that means my vacation is halfway over. Bummer! But, that doesn’t stop the blogger. So… with that said, let’s get to it. Today, I want to introduce you to Bond, Austin Bond… that is. haha. Oh, that was …

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Extreme Diver Interview – Jennifer Marsh

“That gives you opportunities for more things with more people…” I love that quote. Who said that? The diver I’m going to introduce you to today. Jennifer Marsh happens to be a “newer” diver. I say newer because she’s been certified for just a year. So I think you could agree, that’s newer, right? But …

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173 and Counting

July 2003 I got my first introduction Into the world of SCUBA diving. Mask on, check. Breathy thingy, Check. Depth, 15 foot, I really don’t know, I didn’t check the gauges. Wasn’t really even sure you needed to check gauges. Water temperature warm. But at 15 feet in a lake my first time experiencing diving, …

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