Tank Talk 2 (Deb)

We have had a lot of open water classes going on this year. Justin, Chuck, and Doug have been working with various Benton County fire, law enforcement, and rescue personnel and have certified over 30.

Back in Joplin we have certified over 25 people already and have more classes coming up. So if you think you want to get certified or have a friend to get certified, now is the time!

We have lots of people who are really interested in SCUBA for different reasons and people are doing lots of travels. If you want to blog about your travels, hit up our blogger. We always want to hear about everyone’s trips.

Speaking of traveling, come join us on one of our group trips. We have so much fun. Why should you go with a group? Ease of traveling, someone to help you in case of problems, and lots of stories to boot.

Diving with a group, we have all the details worked out for you, comradery – fun and laughs plus making new friends.

Oh, can’t afford a trip to the Caribbean with us? No problem, join us for a camping weekend at Beaver Lake. Guys, we have lots of fun and like to eat. You never know what kind of evening meals we come up with.

And don’t forget about our yearly trek to Mermet Springs in September. This year it is September 7-9. This trip is great for all kinds of divers and you can get some advanced training there too.

Okay, I rambled on enough today. Come see me at Extreme Sports to check out our SCUBAPRO equipment and Kayaks. I’ll be happy to talk to you then, or you can come see us Thursday night at Extreme Dive Club Meeting. This month we have our big Fireworks event to celebrate our Independence. And don’t worry, we also have food.

This month’s meal will be hamburger and hotdogs. This is a great time to invite your friends if they are wondering about Extreme Sports SCUBA and diving. They’ll make great new friends.

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