Tank Talk 3 (Chuck)

Good coffee morning, or iced tea, or soda pop, or whatever you’re drinking. I’m working on my coffee but you can join me with any drink you want.

I don’t get all excited by wetsuits, normally, although I’ve spent a lot of time in one lately. I’m going to have to tell you about 2 new products SCUBAPRO has come up with that I can get excited about.

The first is the SCUBAPRO “Definition.” I’ve used both the 3mm and the 5mm. First, they have a heat shield lining that does a good job of keeping you warm, and in all the diving I have done with both, I’ve remained very comfortable. But that’s not what excites me. What excites me is how easy it is to get in and out of the wetsuit. Normally, I wear SCUBA socks to help get wetsuits on, but with these, they just slide on… at least easy for a wetsuit. It’s even easy for an “old man” like me.

There is a second aspect that is really good… zippers! There are zippers on the ankles, the wrists, and the throat. You can open them up to get water in, or you can close them down for more warmth. Once you try it on you will love it. Most everyone I’ve seen try on this particular wetsuit has agreed. Try it… you’ll like it!

As happy as I am with the Definition wetsuit, I’m really excited with the new group of thinner 2-piece “Everflex” wetsuits that came in in June. I’ve been using the 1.5mil so far this summer in the pool for classes and at camp. The bottoms are great to get in and out of, as long as the keen pads are in the front. (I was talking too much one time… I know this from experience!)

The lining is great. If you are wet though, you want to get it wet too, but if you are dry, get them on dry. Just some more advice from experience. The shirt comes in either short or long sleeves. For me, the short has been great.

The ladies wetsuit top comes with a front zipper, the guys top has a 5-inch side zipper… lucky girls! I’ve noticed by the time I get out and get most everything put away, it’s already drying pretty well.

Most everyone got the black color. I chose the blue to be different, it’s a “retro” look. Some of the others wish now they had gotten the blue also. It looks great. Deb got the turquoise… go figure! (Now she matches, wetsuit, Hydros, and Seawing Nova Fins) There are several colors so have fun with it and find the one you like.

Next time I go to an open water, I will probably use the 1.5mil, it will be all I need. Come join us for the summer! Dive in and get wet!

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