Tank Talk 4 (Dan)

Blah blah blah blah. Something something something    That didn’t work in high school, I don’t think my favorite blogger will like it either.    For those of you out there that read Nicole’s Blog, you know she has a small cadre of mini bloggers around her that write the most wonderful and exciting stories for her to post.  There are times when she decides to do a blog a day and she will ask for our assistance.

Sometimes she will have to remind us a time or two or twenty. She is always afraid she is hounding us too hard.  But we all love her and don’t mind writing a blog or blogs for her.  Sometimes she just needs to use that cattle prod on us. Sometimes we forget. And other times we forget what we were writing about.

I try to read every blog she posts as soon as I see they are posted.

And many times I will go back through the older blogs trying to find that little bit of information I remember reading something about. Her/our blogs cover many different facets of our dive lives, from the monthly Extreme dive club meetings, where there is ALWAYS food, to articles about our divers.  If you learned to dive by taking classes at our shop Extreme Sports Scuba, you learned our mantra “eat, dive, dive, eat, dive, dive, eat, sleep, and repeat.”

We have stories about our dive trips. We have information on the newest and coolest Scubapro dive gear. There are tips on packing for your dive trip to tips about underwater photography. We have so many tips and reviews and so many humorous stories about our group. Truthfully there is just so much to learn by reading the blogs and going back and rereading and understanding the underwater world.

The more you read, the more you learn, the more you dive, the more classes you take. Ultimately the better diver you will become. The better diver you become the more enjoyment you will get from this lifelong experience.  Bring your family to our world beneath the seas. You can even bring your friends to the world of scuba. You’ll want to bring them all along with you as you get to explore the other 71% of our world those landlubbers never get to see.

Join us at the pool during the colder months. Or join Diver Dan in his quest to keep diving every month, yes that was a blog too. Come and enjoy our dive club meetings, come join us at the lake this summer. Plan a trip to Mermet Springs over Labor Day weekend with us. Or join one of our trips to Cozumel and other places in the Caribbean.

Join us, have fun, bring your friends, and read our blogs for more knowledge than you thought you needed.

Join us Memorial Day weekend at Indian Creek Campground at Beaver Lake.  Yes, there is s blog on that too.

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