The January Plan

Merry 2 days after Christmas. Hopefully, you had a wonderful Christmas and Santa treated you well. Today I want to take a minute and tell you about something exciting we’re trying here on the blog for 2018.

There was a video going on Facebook of a gal dressed in bows dancing. It said something about tag a person who loves Christmas this much. Dan teased me about this because if you didn’t know, I love Christmas. After the Christmas Holiday Season though, you have New Year’s a week later and then what? Snow. Snow. And more Snow. Or cold weather since there are some years we don’t have snow.

So back in October, we were deciding what we were going to blog about in 2018. We’ve covered equipment. We’ve covered blogger interviews. We did a year of 365 photos. What else is there? Oh, there’s plenty! And that’s when the January plan was invented.

The January Plan

In January we all long for summer weather so we can dive unless you’re Dan La Due…. February starts the dive trips to Cozumel, but January is just cold and miserable (unless you like Cold weather….). So what fun could we have on the blog? You know, to make those long, dreary days’ fade away like the snow…. I know… I know…. Let’s blog Every Day of January.

To change up the blogging though, I conned some of my cohorts into helping me. We have blog posts by at least 10-12 different people… We are covering a multitude of topics. We even have a game plan for Superbowl out of our fabulous new Cookbook/Memories Book.

I mention that last one because if you haven’t gotten your copy, get to the store like YESTERDAY so that you can follow along with our game plan too!

We really did aim to cover a lot of topics geared toward everyone. Our new divers, our potential divers, our seasoned divers and everyone in between. We even have a post on snorkeling in case you have a snorkeler in your life.

With all that said, I’m not going to mention…. Make sure you come back each and every day to see what we’re discussing and just who is discussing what. We all have our strengths so we took up our topics and created posts based on these ideas.

I also want to throw this out there… as a side note… make sure you watch Facebook. There are multiple weather predictions about New Year’s and our goal is to be safe, so just watch for notices from us on Facebook!!

Happy New Year!

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