The Kansas City Chiefs Post

Every year that the blog has been up and running, we’ve had a Kansas City Chiefs recap post. I know that not everyone is a Chiefs fan, but I’m the blogger and I am, so I only do one, but I do one. Today is that day. This isn’t their first game, I just have to wait for a game that they win because how fun would it be to post about a game they lost? And I wasn’t able to attend the last home game so you get the November 29th Game.

This was a game against the Buffalo Bills.

If there is one thing I can say about the game, it was cold and rainy. I heard as the game was starting, someone says that the Bills should be used to this type of weather so that won’t slow them down and within the first 3 minutes they had points on the scoreboard. We really started questioning our sanity, wondering if we should call it a day and head home.

Truthfully, we’re diehard fans and we wouldn’t but it was cold! Add in the drizzle all day and you got soaked on top of being cold. But we were there for the long haul.

And as my intro gave way, we wound up beating the Bills 30 to 22. It was a victory for Kansas City!

And in case you were wondering… It was cold and wet!

Go Chiefs!

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