The Magnehelic Gauge

💥 A quick message to all divers 💥

The Magnehelic gauge is a unique device and tool used for testing and tuning your regulator. This tool displays the inhalation effort that a diver performs by taking a normal breath via inches of water.

Posted below are two photos showing the difference between one of Scubapro’s LOWER end regulator compared to another very POPULAR branded regulator (that we will not mention).

<— The left photo is Scubapro @ 1.2in
The right photo is the other @ 3.9in —>

This means that Scubapro’s LOWER end regulator takes 1/3 the effort to take a breath.

Why dive with 90’s SCUBA technology in 2019 when the technology is here that allows your dive to be more enjoyable and non-restrictive?

2 Magnehelic gauges

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