The Red Coaters are Coming

Fall is in the air. Not only does fall bring with it cooler temperatures, holidays, and shorter days, but it brings on Football Season. I was raised up that there were 2 teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and anyone who could beat the Oakland Raiders. Although Dan La Due pointed out to me this weekend there are times when you hope Oakland wins a game.

Along with Scuba Diving, there are other elements that make us up as individuals. I have noticed in the short time I’ve been able to hang out with the Extreme Sport Scuba divers that there are a lot of Kansas City Chiefs fans. In fact, the Weston’s and La Due’s are season ticket holders. Dan is a Red Coater and Grady will receive his Red Coat in December.

You might be asking what a Red Coater is, well get ready to be wowed. The Kansas City Chief Red Coaters is a community-service based organization that for 50 years has served the city, surrounding communities, the region, and of course the KC Chiefs. They also get to be on the field to express their support on game day by holding flags as the Chief players enter the field at Arrowhead Stadium.

This weekend Mark and I had the opportunity to experience a Kansas City Chiefs game Extreme Sports Style.

Prior to kick-off, there was a lot of tailgating fans. Dan walked us around and introduced us to a lot of the fans. There were all kinds of party buses and even hearses that had caskets made into bar-b-q grills. These people know how to get down and have a good time.

Up toward the stadium, some of the different local businesses around the city had booths set up with different fun games to take your chance with. We saw Plinko, bean bag football, and even one tent was set up with the opportunity to have your photo superimposed on 4 different backgrounds.

The food. Let me tell you about the food. If there is one thing I know from hanging out with the Extreme Sports Crowd, is the fact that they know how to eat. Can’t go wrong there!

The Kansas City Chiefs have War Paint ridden by Suzie.  War Paint enters the field during the start of the game.  Then runs across the field after every touchdown.

Going into the game, the Chiefs were 6-0. I’m proud to announce that the Chiefs beat the Houston Texans with a score of 17-16, which made them walk away from the game 7-0.

If you happen to pay any attention, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  So, if you follow football you’ll notice that the football players are wearing pink shoes during games, teams are raising awareness and doing fundraisers to try and help with funds to go toward cancer research.

I know this post really wasn’t about diving, however, it was about hanging out with a great group of Divers and getting to know them on another level. You sure can’t beat that!

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