The Second Annual Newton County Chili Cook-off

Can you believe that Christmas is only 7 weeks, 3 days away? Does it make you feel any better if I tell you that comes out to 52 days? You know because it’s a bigger number and all, even if it is the exact same amount of time… Something to think about. And I know, I know, we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet and I’m already talking about Christmas, what am I thinking? Should I admit that while I’m writing this post Addison and I are watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel? Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten Thanksgiving and never will… I just needed to be in the Christmas spirit to write this post!

So why did I need to be in the Christmas spirit to write this post? Well, it just so happens to be the Second Annual Newton County Firefighters Christmas for Kids Chili Cook-off and Silent Auction post. Newton County Firefighters Christmas For Kids was founded as a partnership between the Fire, EMS, and Rescue Teams of Newton County, Missouri. It was started as a way for us to help the children of Newton County have a Merry Christmas.

There was a $5 admission fee that got you all the chili you wanted as well as 5 tickets to help vote for the “People’s Choice Award” winner.

This year the silent auction as added to help raise additional money for the children.

The judges were taken off to a separate area to judge the chili’s that were entered in the contest. The scale was 1-5 with 5 being highest. They judged on taste, smell, and look. This year’s judges were Mark Willoughby, Dan La Due, Bruce Hansen, Jerry Deems, Kevin Johnson, and Shirley Mann.

Pete wanted to be a judge as well, Grady wouldn’t let him and the rest of us probably agree with that.

While the judges were judging the chili off to the side, the rest of us were funneling through and eating all the chili we wanted, all while trying to decide where to put our tickets for the “People’s Choice Award.”

Along with the silent auction and the chili tasting, there was also a petting zoo. In the petting zoo, there were goats, baby calves, pigs, chickens, and horses.

The weather was extremely nice, especially for the first part of November but if anyone got cold there were fire pits ready to warm you up.

Finally once the judging was over and all votes for “People’s Choice” had been cast it was time to announce the winners.

People’s Choice went to Rachele Lord (accepted by her husband Doug as Rachele had to leave for work). As an excellent side note, Rachele Lord’s chili won the People’s Choice award last year as well.

3rd Place went to Lee Lake

2nd Place went to Amie Primm

1st Place went to Tori Willoughby

After the Chili winners were announced, all the kids were told to go get a goody bag from Deb and all the rest of us were told to hurry up and get our bids placed on the silent auction as it was coming to a close very quickly.

There was a battle to the bittersweet end for some of the prizes. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone and it was definitely for a good cause!

So in honor of Thanksgiving, I am thankful to report that over $2,000 was raised for the children of Newton County. This is all a thank you to everyone who has helped support this cause.

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