Turquoise Bay Resort Roatán Honduras

Trying to get schedules to coincide sometimes makes these travel posts a little bit late. However, it is better late than never that we document the travel excursions that Extreme Sports Scuba divers attend. Being a fairly newer diver, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel abroad yet, however, this summer when Extreme Sports headed to Roatán I gave Doug Lord an assignment to be my eyes and ears while he was on vacation. And since he willingly obliged, you all get the special treat of a guest post about the Turquoise Bay Resort located in beautiful Roatán, Honduras. So… take it away Doug.

Extreme Sports Scuba left for Roatán July 18,2015 headed for a weeks diving adventure at Turquoise Bay Resort in Roatán Honduras.

Picture by Grady Weston. This needs to be documented… he didn’t break the camera.

This was one of the hospitality staff members who was extremely nice and talkative to our group.

After a long day of travel to your destination, what do you do? Well you go jump in the ocean.

This was the main entrance and lobby to our resort.

One corner of the dining hall.

The food was good. There was lots of choices. John Patrick even said he figured he’d lose weight just because of the difference in cuisine, yet he said he didn’t lose a pound. I’m pretty sure I can be found in that same boat with him.

These options here were available pretty much breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is the pathway leading down to the main entrance from my room/cabin.

And one of the many beautiful sunsets we got off of the swimming pool deck. I had to do it justice for Nicole since she left me in charge with the assignment to document it all.

Bill Luke and the momma cat that was roaming around the resort. She had 2 kittens. Bill even managed to pick one of them up later in the week.

The tree. This was just a really cool, old tree. I don’t know what kind it was but it was a really neat, big, old, tree.

One of the many sets of markers that were around the resort to help guests get around the resort.

This is over by the boat inlet looking toward the resort with the bay here in the foreground.

This is Grady‘s crew on the Kassandra headed out for a night dive.

This was the dive shop, Subway Water Sports Dive Shop.

This was Deb‘s Boat. We couldn’t convince her to trade off of it. It was the newest and nicest boat they had.

This was Grady‘s boat. Slow and steady as described by her group of divers.

The Belp means Bell as I recall. This was the boat that Rachele and I were on.

This is the dive deck of the Belp.

Back at the resort, this is the bar lounge area where you went to get any and all drinks, no matter what you were drinking.

The bartender, Rogue taking care of all of our drinking needs throughout the day.

And while you’re at Turquoise Bay, why not go turquoise? Kim Brungard, Nelda Patrick & Traci Thomas. (Turquoise hair courtesy of Shirley Mann I do believe)

Doug & Rachele Lord

Grady & Deb

One of the days we were there it poured in the morning. This is a view of the pool area at the resort.

Grady‘s campsite at 6:30am. In fact, he allowed the rest of us to share with him.

Jeff & Christina Frampton and Chris & Rhonda Sloan enjoying some downtime.

Kim Brungard

And then it was all over and we were headed back to the airport, headed home.

Ed Brewer & Shirley Mann with bunny ears from Ashlyn Parmley

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